Vacation Destination Preferencees

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CHAPTER 1: The Problem and its Background


Vacation destinations are places where someone can go or take a visit to free from work and away from home. These places may be beaches, landmarks, forests, and others in type. Visiting these places requires no age but still, it is better that the place is suitable or appropriate to anyone who visit it. Summer is approaching. Many families or people will surely find a place for their vacation, a place where they can spend their times together. Somewhere which is stress-free and will give them the peaceful feeling they want. Wherever place it is, they’ll definitely need some money to enjoy and in able to reach their desired destination.

The Philippines contains many islands that will definitely give the qualities people want from vacation places, especially the amenities that can be found on it. The purpose of this research is to identify the preferred vacation destinations of the constituents and to know their plans on visiting the places. Moreover, the researcher is interested in taking a more serious look into the most preferable vacation destinations for the residents or constituents of a particular barangay.

Statement of the Problem

This study was undertaken to find out the most preferable vacation destinations of the constituents of Barangay 502 Sampaloc, Manila and their plans regarding to their visit on the place. Specifically, this study sought answers to the following research questions: 1. What type of place do the constituents prefer for a vacation? 2. Whom do the constituents like to go with for a vacation? 3. How much money do the constituents willing to spend for a vacation? 4. What particular vacation destination/s here in the Philippines do the constituents prefer for a vacation? 5.1 In Luzon?

5.2 In Visayas?
5.3 In Mindanao?

Scope and Limitations

This study looked into the preferable vacation destinations here in the Philippines, specifically in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao and their plans regarding to their visit on the place. Only 50 constituents of Barangay 502 Sampaloc, Manila were involved. No attempt was made to compare and correlate these vacation destinations with any other places in any other countries.

Definition of Terms

Preference the choice of one thing or person over another (Webster’s Student Dictionary)

Vacationa time set aside from work (Webster’s Student Dictionary)

Amenityagreeableness; pleasantness (Webster’s Student Dictionary)

Constituentserving to form or compose as a necessary part (Webster’s Student Dictionary)

Relaxto rest (Webster’s Student Dictionary)

Research Methodology

Research Design
The Descriptive method was used to achieve the objectives of this study. This method seeks to describe a present existing condition, which in this study were the preferable vacation destinations of the constituents of a particular barangay and their plans regarding on the visit to the place.

The target population consisted of 50 constituents of Barangay 502 Sampaloc, Manila, 32 males and 18 females to be specific.

Research Instrument
The researcher prepared a checklist which was used for the survey.

Data-Gathering Procedure
The data were drawn from the 50 constituents of Barangay 502 Sampaloc, Manila who were given a checklist-type of questionnaires for the survey. The researcher gave the checklist individually and it lasted for 3 days.

Statistical Treatment
Individual responses were tallied before they were put in tables ready for the statistical treatment. Percentage was utilized to quantify the data gathered for subproblems 1, 2, 3, 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3. The formula for percentage is: P= f/N x 100

Where: P= percentage
f= frequency
N= total number of respondents

CHAPTER 2: Presentation, Analysis, and Interpretation of Data Gathered

This chapter presents the data gathered regarding the most preferred vacation...
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