Vacation Comparitive Essay

Topics: North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: November 22, 2011
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Christina Stone
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Vacationing at the Beach or The Mountains There are several places to go on a summer vacation. Two of the most popular places to go is either the mountains or the beach. Even though the beach and the mountains are both popular vacationing spots in the summer, they have several differences. Myrtle Beach in South Carolina and The Great Smokey Mountain in Tennessee are the closest of the type to people in Virginia. They are both great places to enjoy a wonderful family vacation during the summer.

The climate during the summer at the beach averages 88 degrees during the day. The nights can be quite comfortable averaging 76 degrees with the cool ocean breeze. There is an average of 215 sunny days throught out the year. Some days can be humid with the moisture from the ocean being so close.

The beach is always full of different activities for the whole family to enjoy. On those hot days laying out on the beach and swimming in the ocean are among the most popular. Building sandcastles in the sand is also fun. Fishing, boating and parasailing are also enjoyable things to do while at the beach. On the those super hot days when the sand is to hot for a persons feet, a trip to one of the waterparks in the area can cool the day off just right.

There are several different beach locations to choose from along the coast. Myrtle Beach or Virginia Beach are two of the larger and most popular beaches to vacation at. North Carolina and Georgia also have smaller more private places to enjoy the beach. The coast all the way from Florida to New York have beaches to choose from.

In contrast to a summer vacation at the beach the other popular choice is the mountains. The weather in the mountains is full of heat, haze and humidity. Afternoon showers and thunderstorms are also common throughout the summers. The average temerature in the summer is usually...
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