Topics: Facebook, Internet, Social network aggregation Pages: 4 (1190 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Christina Mercier
Instructor: Chandler
English 101-528
November 28, 2012
Research Essay
The mass communication manufacture
In the year 2012, social media became one of the most powerful sources for news updates through platforms such as twitter, Facebook and Google. (Wikipedia 11/26/2012) With more than 500 million Facebook users across the world, it’s hard to refute that the social networking site has profoundly changed the way we communicate and share information. (Tina Barseghian 04/16/11) Individuals are expanding the way of using social media every year. Social media includes the following: magazines, internet, social networking, video and dating sites. People see and use media in different ways. As of just last year a comprehensive study proved that kids age eight to eighteen actually manage to pack in almost 11 hours’ worth of media content into seven and a half hours of using media, through ’media multitasking’. (Tina Barseghian 04/16/11)The main important focus with social media is the negative effects it has on children, teenagers, and college students. Ways that social media can affect children, teenagers, and college students is the following: addiction to repeated use, privacy issues to one’s personal life, and limited personal social interaction with others.
The most problematic issue of all is the way in which social media networks undermine the privacy of our children. (Kori Birch 02/28/11).Internet addiction is tied to lack of sleep, poor job or school performance, certain types of depression, and lack of communication skills.(Kori Birch 02/28/11) As for children the addiction leads to lack of communication skills. For example when a child is at home they are likely to limit transmitting information back and forth to their parent due to the repeatedly use of the media. The idea of internet addiction is novel because it revolves around something that is behavioral rather than physical.(Kori Burch 02/28/11) The idea of addiction has...
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