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Living Science Vasthu:
“Vasthu is readable among all shastras through which prosperity flourishes”. – Vaashtu Couplet Thus Vaasthu is the best shastra among all shastras which brings ever lasting prosperity and ever growing wealth to mankind. Vasthu For Successful Living: Success begins at Home. Thus says a proverb. Success depends on how a man is being recognized in his family and the support from his family for this performance. It is partly true. The proverb actually means the Vasthu strength of dwelling house should be supportive and co-operate for a man to be successful. When a man lives in Vashtu strength (where Vasthu in followed) house, his success begins at his home and continues to his career, job etc., It assures good family, peace, fame successful living to him. If VAASTHU is against him (became improper Vaasthu house), then his failures, problems starts at his home itself. He was to get through family problems first and then only he can fight against the outside world. His success will be in jeopardy. Astrology, Numerology, Vaasthu, Silpha Shastras, Palmistry, Medical Shastras etc., are existing from VEDIC PERIOD. While all Shastras were well received and nourished by people, religious heads and kings through the ages. Vaasthu Shastra was kept as secret and not allowed to be made public and be used for common man. Great Epics RAMAYANA & MAHABHARATA deals with the importance and impact of Vaashtu Science. The Temples, Palaces, Public Hulls were built according to Vaasthu rules and were flourished for long time. Even now temples and palaces are being built with strict Vaasthu rules.Now also politicians, Big rich man, Cine Actors and many others are strictly following Vaasthu guidelines and derive fullest benefits through Vaasthu.But the common people and middle class people are reluctant to follow the Vaasthu Shastra due to ignorance and discrimination. Hence they continue to suffer, get failures and poor developments in spite of their hard work. Many people are unaware of the importance & benefits of the Vaasthu Shastra but they indiscriminate the Shastra. Vaasthu is powerful but simple science which requires ( little) attention before constructions of any building. But the results are abundant and bestows prosperity, transquility and brings happy to the immates continuously. WHAT IS VAASTHU?“Vaasthu’ means ‘Vasthu’ or things, the art of arranging or keeping the house hole things and utility of various as per the divine rules of ‘Vaasthu’, is called a VAASTHU SHASTRA. Here, article means man, man made things and rooms etc., WHAT IS VAASTHU POWER?“VAASTHU” BAGWAN or VAASTHU PURUSH ( Lord of all buildings) who derive power through Pancha Boothas or Fibre (natural) energies of Cosmes.EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR and SPACE and the five GIANT ENERGIES of NATURE, which are the tools of Vaasthu Bagwan. All living and non-living things (including man) are the manifestation of these give boothas only.These fiv BOOTHAS controls in eight directions of any particular place. These eight directions were given to eight lords in Hindu Vedas.Hindus call the ‘HOUSE’ as a “LAKSHMI DWELLING HOUSE” and ‘ASTA LAKSHMI’, means getting wealth from Eight directions of our dwelling place. NOTE; 1.VAASTHU BHAGWAN do not differentiate whether the occupant is owner of tenant. 2.Vaasthu Bagawan affects the imamates irrespective whether the house is small or big (as per the Vaasthu rules). 3.Rented house also should be in accordance with Vaasthu Shastra. SALIENT FEATURES OF VAASTHUEven though Vaasthu has many complex rules and hidden principles it can be listed as follows. 1.The main door or entrance of a HOUSE or BUILDING should be in accordance with Vaasthu. If the main door is not in good place or corner, the LUCK of the house is greatly reduced and cause many problems. 2.The ‘kitchen’ (fire element) of a house should be in South East (Agni Corner). If it is located in wrong place, health of family members and debt problems are...
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