V3E - Assessment Requirements - Overview

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International Trade 2MO523
Spring term

Assessment requirements - overview

Group Presentation
Weight: 20%
Due date: based upon the schedule provided in the second half of March.

During the weeks 8-10 of the semester, group presentations (groups of 2) should be given. The optional topics for presentations are available via ISIS. The final topic of presentation should be proposed to the instructor (preferably till the 3rd week of the classes) and finally confirmed by instructor, at latest by the end of the 4th week of the semester. The length of the presentation should be 15 - 20. The presentations are to be electronically submitted via ISIS (once per team) prior to the presentation itself. The title of the file should respect the following order – name of co-authors – title of the presentation (max. 3 words), e.g. Maxwell_Tyrell_France_Foreign_Trade.

Individual research paper
Weight: 20%
Due date: end of May 2013

There is not any particular list of topics for an individual research paper. The subject of the paper should reflect student´s interests and knowledge and should be relevant in terms of the course content. Each student´s proposal should be agreed with the instructor by the 9th week of the classes preferably. The word limit for the paper is 2000 words. This does not include footnotes or the resources (which are required).

Classroom discussion and participation
Weight: 20%
Due date: during the semester

Seminars offer students opportunity to discuss and explore relevant concepts of international trade theory and practice. Consequently, seminars provide interactive forum for discussion with regard to the issues presented at the lectures. As such, the students are expected to be prepared to engage actively in the debate.

Final exam
Weight: 40%
Due date: 16 May 2013 (second term to be published via ISIS at the last week of the semester)

25 multiple-choice questions, 3 open questions. 50 minutes. More than one...
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