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I read Tears of a Tiger by Sharon M. Draper.This book takes place in 1980's-1999. The main character was Andy Jackson He was black and tall and very athletic . The main conflict of the story is Andy kill his friend in a car crash The reason why I selected this book to read was when i got this book i read the back and it caught my eye and i got it because i like book like that.Andrew Jackson or as his friends called him, Andy was having a great life.He had problems with his teachers and his grades, which would cause problems with his parents. Other than that he had a great girlfriend Kiesha, and three best friends. They were having fun and joking around, not realizing the important things in life. After that night he lost basketball game at Hazelwood High, their high school, the four best friends, Robert, B.J, Andy, and Tyrone went out. They had bought some beer Andy was the driver and Robert was sitting in the passenger seat Robert.Robert had his feet up on the dashboard and when the car crash happened his feet had got suck in the front window. but andy and bj try to save Robert.but he was still stuck into the car yelling for help.Robert Washington died.Andy blames himself and cannot get past his guilt and pain and all of his other friends have move on Andy thinking and crying over robbies death so he could t move on with his life.And in school people was making fun of him and talk about him very bad and they was trying to fight people that walked pushed him when the went pass him.Andy is really beat down inside and he needs help. That was the first time him and his mom spoke to each other about thing that's happening in his life since the wreck. and then at home friend and family was not talking to him so he went and seen a therapist but it did not heip him because he was still crazy but as the day pasted he keep getting more depressed and very soon he got so depressed and got his dads shot gun and shot himself in the head.
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