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2012–2013 Course Planning Guide for the B.S. in Commerce
Credit Requirements

Students must earn 120 credits (60 credit
hours must be taken in residency at UVA)
for the Bachelor of Science in Commerce. Of

57 total credits

9-12 credits of courses in a
concentration (see back for options
and requirements)


15 credits may be in either Commerce or
non-Commerce courses

39 credits in Commerce, including 24
credits of core courses (see below)


57 credits must be in non-Commerce
courses including 6 credits of Humanities

Students must earn the following minimum
graded credits after enrollment at McIntire:

48 credits must be in Commerce courses


3-6 elective credits

27 credits must be completed in the
fourth year

Third-Year Integrated Core Experience (ICE)
The Integrated Core Experience is a two-semester core program composed of 12 credit hours in the fall semester and 9 credit hours in the spring semester.
Comm 3010 (4 hrs)
Comm 3020 (4 hrs)
Comm 3030 (4 hrs)

Strategy and Systems
Behavioral Issues in Marketing and Management
Quantitative and Financial Analysis

Comm 3040 (4.5 hrs)
Comm 3050 (3 hrs)
Comm 3060 (1.5 hrs)

Strategic Value Creation
Entry Strategies in Emerging Markets
Quantitative Analysis II

*Comm 3410 (3 hrs)

Commercial Law I

*Comm 3410 – Commercial Law I (3 hrs) is offered both semesters and may be taken prior to enrollment in the McIntire School or third or fourth year, and will be included in students’ 39 Commerce hours if taken at the University of Virginia.

For a complete list of the degree requirements and course
descriptions, refer to the University of Virginia
Undergraduate Record online at
For more information please contact the Student Services
Office at the address and phone below or send an email
to Tracey Templeton, Director of Student Information and
Records (tst6e@virginia.edu)
McIntire Student Services Office
Rouss & Robertson Halls
Room 311 · P.O. Box 400173
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4173

Concentration Requirements
Students must complete at least one, but no more than two,
concentration(s) of choice.

Third Year
Comm 3110 (F)
Comm 3120 (S)

Intermediate Accounting I
Intermediate Accounting II

Fourth Year
Two courses from the following list:
Comm 4160 (S)
Special Topics in International Accounting
Comm 5100 (F)
Accounting Information Systems
Comm 5130 (S)
Advanced Financial Accounting
Comm 5140 (F)
Strategic Cost Management
Comm 5150 (S)
Introductory Auditing
Comm 5450 (F)
Federal Taxation I
Comm 5460 (S)
Federal Taxation II
University of Virginia students who have been admitted to the Commerce School may apply for acceptance to the McIntire M.S. in Accounting Program after having completed two semesters of study as a Commerce student, earned good grades, and

submitted acceptable letters of recommendation and GMAT
CPA Exam: 150 hours are required in most states.

Third Year
Comm 3110 (F)
Comm 3720 (S)
Comm 3721 (S)

Fourth Year
Three 46XX-level Management courses, which may include:
*Comm 3200 (F/S) Project Management
Comm 4330 (F/S) Negotiating for Value
Comm 4821 (F)
Managing Sustainable Development
Two 46XX-level Management courses, including the above list
One 464X “Communication” course

Third Year
Comm 3330 (S)

Marketing Research Techniques

Fourth Year
Must complete 6 credits of 43XX-level Marketing courses, which may include:
Comm 4310 (F/S) Global Marketing
Comm 4320 (F)
Entertainment Marketing
Comm 4330 (F/S) Negotiating for Value
Comm 4371 (F)
Promotional Aspects of Marketing (4 credits)
Comm 4372 (S)
Advertising Campaigns (4 credits)
Comm 4380 (F/S) Consumer Behavior & Marketing Strategy

Intermediate Accounting I
Intermediate Corporate Finance...
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