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Hat’s Protection from UV Ray’s
Brittany Dean
James Graham Brown School
Running Head: HATS AND UV RAYS 2
The purpose of this paper is to better understand the protection of each hat. The way to do this is by using UV beads and hats to see which hat is the most protecting. Resulting, the bigger sunhats with a brim facing downward are more effective. UV can be very dangerous to the skin, but can also be very helpful in the medical field. This lab will help everyone better understand the effects of the sun’s harmful rays, and what people can do to protect themselves. Running Head: HATS AND UV RAYS 3

The purpose of this lab was to observe which hat was the most protecting from UV rays. Background Research
UV radiation is known as the part of the electromagnetic spectrum between X-Rays and visible light. UV is between 40-400 nm. (Zeman, 2009) UVA, a type of UV radiation, has a pigment darkening effect, and if overused can be followed by erythema. (Zeman, 2009) Wearing hats can decrease the exposure to UV radiation, and can help shield the face. (Pere, 2009) Hats are protection and are recommended to prevent overexposure to the UV radiation. (Hallenburg, 2009) Between the times of 10a.m. and 4p.m. the radiation is at the worst, seek shade, and stay protected with an appropriate SPF sunscreen and protective clothing and hats. (Epstein, 2010) DNA absorbs the UV-B radiation, and changes the forms of the molecules in the body. This causes distorted protein to be made, and cells can often die. (Jeannie Allen; 9/6/2001) UV-B can cause skin cancer, and should be protected by sunscreen, hats, and appropriate clothing. (Jeannie Allen; 9/6/2001) The acute effects of sunlight are sunburn, tanning, and an immune depletion. (Ananthaswamy, 2004) At the molecular level, the molecules are changed, and often can die. UV is like a coin; UV has a good side, and has a bad side. UV can be used for helping get rid of cancer, and change many different diseases. (Ananthaswamy, 2004) Running Head: HATS AND UV RAYS 4

Straw HatTobogganVisor
Wool HatCrazy HatBaseball Cap
Camping HatLarge HatSanta Hat
Beach HatStopwatchMore than 50 UV beads
5 pairs of sunglassesLab book Double sided sticky tape
5 people to test hatsPenShaded place to change beads
While preparing for this lab it is necessary to gather all materials needed since this lab is performed outdoors. There are many materials necessary; ten hats, and five people to test the hats with each person having a pair of sunglasses, own lab notebook, two pieces of double sided sticky tape for each hat trialed, and a stopwatch for the entire group to share. After all UV beads have been collected, shield them in a nice dark spot so that UV radiation does not come into contact with the bead until the experiment is ready to begin. Once all materials are gathered the group must travel outside to any spot chosen since UV radiation is apparent on any day chosen. Have one group member lead with a UV bead in front of them so that the group knows when UV radiation is visible. When choosing a spot to do this lab, it would be necessary to choose a spot close to indoors, or near a dark shaded area so that changing the UV beads is not a problem. After the group has found the radiation, choose a spot that the lab is going to be conducted at. Travel to a shaded area to prep for the first trial. Each member shall place

Running Head: HATS AND UV RAYS 5
one hat on head at a time, and have one pair of sunglasses to remain on the face at all times to avoid eye damage by UV rays. With each trial there should be five hats being trialed at a time, and each hat has three trials. After a hat is on every group members head, place a piece of double sided sticky tape on the middle of the sunglasses, and under the brim of the hat, or...
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