Uu114 Plan

Topics: Student, University, Adaptation Pages: 3 (337 words) Published: April 11, 2011

C: Students

L: Challenges, first year, university

D: Argument


Context: University life.

Subject: Students.

Limited Subject: Challenges, first year, university.

Issue: What are challenges do first year students faces at university?

Thesis statement: The challenges faced by first year university students can be in terms of Educational, Communication and Cultural.


Main idea 1: Educational

- (a) Overload of work

e.g. too much time spend in class, doing exercises and assignment.

- (b)Expensive form of learning

e.g. Tuition fee, books fee.

- (c) Students living far away

e.g. leave their home island to another place in order to continue their studies

Main idea 2: Communication

- (a)Personal language contrast

e.g. each students have different ways of speaking English such as pronunciation. This can cause communication problematic between each other

- (b)Change of language

e.g. Changing of mother tongue to foreign languages

- (c) Unsatisfying communication between a student and lecturer

e.g. some students are not satisfying with the way the lecturer treat and approach them.

Main idea 3: Cultural

- (a) Westernization adaptation

e.g. some students adapt western cultural during their studies in universities like clubbing.

- (b) Loss of identity

e.g. some students loss their identity after they adapted western or other cultures during their studies in universities such as their own dressing style and life style are change to another style.

- (c) Cultural shock

e.g.: new environment can cause the student to feel of not knowing what to do or how to do things in a new environment....
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