Utopia in Colonial America

Topics: Puritan, Pocahontas, Thirteen Colonies Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Utopia in Colonial America
In the seventeenth century, there were two different versions of utopia. When a person hears the word utopia, a different thought will come to each different person’s mind. A utopia can be anything, as long as it brings joy to the specific person. In Colonial America, all people went over to the new world with a fantasy of their perfect place. In fact, two very important historical figures had extreme views on North America. While John Smith viewed The New World as new land where he could make limitless money, John Winthrop viewed it as a City Upon a Hill in which he could bring glory to god. According to Creveour’s observations in 1769, Smith’s vision seemed to prevail. Smith envisioned The New World as the perfect place to make a profit. In A Description of New England, Smith writes, “If a man work but three days in seven, he will get more than he can spend…” (Smith 56). Smith is trying to convince people to come over to the new world, and he believes that by mentioning glory and riches that could be easily earned, people will flock over. His vision is to make a large amount of money in his new home. Smith writes, “…fish but an hour, to make more than they eat in a week: or if they will not eat it, because there is so much better choice; sell it” (Smith 56). Smith is exaggerating the conditions in the new world, so that people will want to venture over. He knows that by making it seem that everything is very easy to do in the new world, every person in Britain will immediately come over. Smith writes, “The masters by this may quickly grow rich… to a general and an incredible benefit, for king, and country, master, and servant” (Smith 57). Here, Smith once again brings up money and becoming wealthy. The interesting thing is that he then begins to connect it to the king and country. He not only wants money, but he wants his money to benefit everyone and help the Royalty in England. This is surprising because he seems to want all the...
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