Utopia Essay

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  • Published : May 9, 2012
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Perfection has no relevance to America. Modern day America has so many problems that people don’t even know where to start. I will be telling you about the government lies, obesity, and death by crimes. After reading this paper you should understand that we do not live in the dream land foreigners believe America is.

In my opinion the government should be trusted by its people. A third of American believe that September 11th was a conspiracy. Fifty-four percent are angry at the government because of what they have done to our country. These statistics show that people do not trust their own leaders. The president and his representatives are responsible because they are thinking of the present and not about the consequences the future holds. Affects from these lies fall upon the U.S citizens. Not knowing if the news is truth or lies, wondering if your own government is against you or trying to better you, nobody knows anymore and it puts much more stress on everyone.

The number one health problem in America is obesity. One out of every eight deaths in America is caused by an illness directly related to overweight and obesity. There is a fast food restaurant on almost every block. People are also placing fast food in other countries. It is like people want to die because they still eat it even though they know it kills. Regular people created fast food as a way to make money. The same people who created fast food and other regular citizens are the ones who suffer from diseases and death from obesity.

There are more deaths by crimes in America than there are deaths in the war on terror. Criminals are wondering the streets mugging people, robbing banks, houses, and stores. If people try to fight back and protect themselves, they usually get killed or severely injured. America is not a safe place at all. The citizens are the ones causing the entire ruckus over money and it is affecting everyone in the country. People are scared to walk down the street or leave...
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