Utopia Analytical

Topics: Dystopia, Utopia, Utopian and dystopian fiction Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: November 6, 2007
It seems that the town of Pleasantville is a utopia for everyone that lives there. However, the town of Pleasantville is actually a dystopia with utopian elements. Everyone in Pleasantville has a niche that they fill. They're not allowed to go below or beyond that niche. It seems that all the people are happy being who they are but in reality they feel that way because they don't now what else to feel.

The "norm" in Pleasantville has left the citizens of it unable to express true freedom and emotion. As two teenagers are sucked into this "utopia" they find that Pleasantville is not so pleasant. The brother, David, fits right in, but the sister, Jennifer decides to do things her own way. She introduces promiscuous acts to the teenagers of Pleasantville and soon, the black and white world of Pleasantville starts seeing colors.

The people of Pleasantville start showing the emotions that they have repressed. Through expressing their true emotions the people find what their hearts truly crave and learn to achieve their deepest desires. Through realizing that Pleasantville is a dystopia some utopian elements are found. The discovery of these new things doesn't stop the people of Pleasantville from being selfless. Rather, they learn to care for one another more deeply.

The expression of strong emotions showed the true character of each individual in Pleasantville and the people around them learned to accept that. The people learned to cry, laugh and love like never before. Pleasantville truly reveals that even in a dystopian environment utopian elements are clearly expressed.
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