Topics: Utopia, Dystopia Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: November 8, 2010
Evaluate the pros/cons in life in Utopia

Humanity always seems to debate on what makes a perfect society. Whether it is completely controlled by the government or a free nature of state. In Moore’s Utopia, he explores the aspects of this so called perfect society. Yet like any piece of literature, the reader might find pros and cons to life in “Utopia” the way Moore describes it. These can include the sx hour working day and everyone being materially equal, as being positive. Versus women having to be subordinate and the prevention of personal growth, as the cons.

We live in a society where more work is usually normal to sustain our individualistic standard of living. Often, this brings about choices that we must male in order to have what we want/ or need. Family degradation is one of the biggest issues that we see in our American families, which make up what we know as our ‘society’. This is prevented in Utopian life by a six hour working day. There is essentially abundance in time to be spent at home, either in personal leisure, or in family, deepening those timeless bonds. Utopian society also limits the greed and stress brought upon by working too much. Greed and stress go hand in hand becauser its human nature to want more as you gain more. Thus, making us work harder, longer. However, it also contributes to rivalry among people, therefore a six hour working day is a pro in life in utopia.

Leading to another pro for life in Utopia, which is a true definition of being equal in a sense of wordly possessions. Everyone has the same house, same clothes, same attitude. There isn’t a concept of competition, or lust over materialistic items, in their mind. No one takes more than needed because there is always a surplus and no point in taking more. People store and take more than needed because of the idea of fear. Fear to the unknown, to the “what if” in life. Uncertainty to the future brings us to the conclusion that we need to be prepared, and always...
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