Utm Solid Waste Management Program in India Photo 3 Wbi Has Been Working in the Urban Capacity Building Sphere in India with a Network of Partners over the Last Three Years. One of the Components of the Program Has

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Solid Waste Management Program in India

Photo 3
WBI has been working in the urban capacity building sphere in India with a network of partners over the last three years. One of the components of the program has been support to the Solid Waste Management (SWM) agenda.

The key areas of WBI support to the SWM program have been to:

v build core content for the capacity building of the Urban Local bodies (ULBs) based also on best practices from across India;

v piloting and working out institutional delivery models in five states, to be documented and then to be scaled up by GoI and the states;

v set up a multi-ministerial advisory group chaired by the Ministry of Urban Development to oversee the work.

During Phase I of 2-3 years duration, several consultations were held with central government agencies, state agencies and local urban bodies on the scope, objectives and implementation approach for the proposed program. Training materials were developed and pilot workshops were conducted in four States involving various stakeholders and partner State-level training institutions. Also a national level workshop was conducted to set up the procedures to provide training to various categories of municipal officials and stakeholders to scale-up the program. Through the national workshop, the next phase of the program received full support and commitment from Department of Economic Affairs - Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Urban Development and Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India to carry forward the SWM Learning Program in India.

Progress has been accomplished over the past 2-3 years (2006-2008) through a series of capacity building activities supported by the World Bank Institute (WBI) in selected states of India. These include- training to officials of urban local bodieent and human health
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