Utilizing Resources for Research and Writing

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Utilizing Resources for Research and Writing
As a freshman, I was unaware of many resources that were available to me at the beginning of this semester and course. Throughout the past nine weeks I have gained the knowledge of research and writing resources at Campbellsville University and have utilized them to better my writing. Through the internet, library, and Writing Center I have become a more knowledgeable and conscious writer. These resources are easily accessible and have proven to be very beneficial.

My conference with Sandra Riggs was extremely helpful, as it introduced me to the JSTOR database. She gave me an online tour of the database, teaching me how to search for scholarly articles and research needed for upcoming papers. She was experienced with and knowledgeable of the database and taught me how to get the stable URL, as well as search for key words or phrases. Along with Sandra Riggs, the library was also valuable because I was able to checkout writing handbooks for both MLA and APA styles. Overall, I felt that my session with Sandra Riggs was a positive influence on my career as a writer.

I didn’t find the Writing Center, however, to be as useful. My meetings there consisted of student tutors reviewing my papers and giving very little feedback. During one Writing Center session I didn’t even speak to a tutor. The tutor on that particular day merely asked for my paper, signed it, and returned it to me. Overall, I didn’t gain any more knowledge of writing from the Writing Center. If the tutors at the Writing Center were more interested and motivated to help the students that go there, I feel it would be a much stronger and helpful resource. Although the workers at the Writing Center weren’t very beneficial, I often use the computers in the center and find them to be an immense help.

The resource that has had the greatest impact on my writing this semester has been the internet; particularly the JSTOR database. Without this database of...
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