Utilizing Online Social Networking Site

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Utilizing Online Social Networking
Angel Kramer
February 18, 2013
Yvonne Milionis

Utilizing Online Social Networking
This will be based on the search of the LinkedIn networking site for contacts in the chosen field of children services. Once chosen it will be discussed if the companies have monthly or yearly public meetings, if these groups provide continuing education or credits for licensed professionals. There will be an analysis of the referrals or community-based programs that will benefit clients. It will be discussed how this site helps a professional to stay connected with other professionals in the community. Then there will be an explanation of how to use a site to, such as LinkedIn to stay connected with other Human Service professionals. There will be a discussion how connecting into this professional community will help to offer more support or referrals for clients. Also to be discussed will be how training will keep one up-to-date and competitive in this field. Other technological tools for managing professional contacts will be looked at. Then it will be shown how using this site will help to stay connected with other human services professionals. The first company that was looked at was the Intermountain-Restoring Hope for Children. This company I am familiar with as children I know have personally been served by this company and I want to work for them in the future. This company does not state whether or not they have monthly or yearly meetings to network with professionals. Nor does it state whether or not it has continuing education or education credits, however my personal contacts have showed that indeed it does support continuing education. This group does have community-based programs that benefit the clients I want to serve, they also have quality referrals for outside the organization to help better serve clients. The next company that was profiled was the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services....
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