Utilizing Online Social Networking

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Utilizing Online Social Networking
Social media sites have been increasing in popularity since they were created. Sites like Facebook and MySpace are popular because they provide a user friendly, fast, and convenient way to connect with people. LinkedIn is considered to be a social media site as well. However, it differs from the other highly popular sites. LinkedIn is primarily used for professional business networking. It lets the user create a profile designed much like a resume and allows him/her to view job openings. It also gives companies a place to recruit qualified employees. LinkedIn is a professional networking tool that could prove to be beneficial to both individuals and companies to build professional contacts. Connecting with a Professional Community

Professional social networking websites like LinkedIn can help people stay connected with business associates. LinkedIn uses a system of what it calls “degrees of connection.” People on the users profile that he/she personally knows are known as first-degree connections. Those people’s connections become the users second-degree connections. And lastly, third degree connections are the second-degree connections first-degree connections. This system allows one user to connect to other people in their industry that they may have never known. More importantly, it helps others connect with the user. Since a resume style profile is built connections can view the user’s profile and have an understanding of what he/she does and what potential benefits the users can provide for each other. Additionally, the users connections can write recommendations that can be posted on the profile to enhance it by showing credibility. The user can also be introduced to other users through his/her connections. By opening the door to new associates the user may find it easier to advance in his/her career. He/she may learn about new job openings or resources. LinkedIn has groups that the user can join or...
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