Utilizing Barcode Technology in Library System

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The word system comes from the Greek word “synistanai” which means “to bring together or combine.” A system is a collection of interrelated components that function together to achieve some outcome. A system exists in an environment (e.g., a space probe in deep space), and has operators and users (possibly the same). The system provides feedback to the operator and services to the user. Operators are shown inside the system because operator procedures are usually a part of the system design, and many system functions, including fault recovery, may involve operator action. Systems are developed to satisfy a set of requirements that meet a need. A requirement that is important in some systems is that they be highly dependable. Fault tolerance is a means of achieving dependability. (http://hissa.nist.gov/chissa/SEI_Framework/framework_3.html) Systems analysis and design is the examination of a problem and the creation of its solution. Systems analysis is effective when all sides of the problem are reviewed. Systems design is most effective when more than one solution can be proposed. The plans for the care and feeding of a new system are as important as the problems they solve (http://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/systems+analysis+%26+design). Technology was formed because of this. Without further knowing first what the problem is, there can be no design to be developed. There’s no concept that can make the structure. Information technology industry is rapidly changing and developing. Not only developers are being benefited but also non-technical common people. Many tools, technologies and systems have been produced and invented and thus made the life of human beings easier and convenient. Many establishments nowadays are shifting to computer based system. Years ago, people are manually archiving data such as using filing cabinets, card catalogs, and logbooks. But now, you can quickly find what you’re looking for just by using the computer. It’s amazing how computer technology has changed the way people live. Buying products such as furniture, clothing, mobile phones, books, bags, or even paying bills can be made effortlessly just by being at home. Even now, computers are used for teaching purposes also. A library is a collection of sources, resources, and services, and the structure in which it is housed. Moreover, it is used and maintained by a public body, an institution, or a private individual. The library is an important supplier of information and an institution of knowledge. It is a place where basic foundations of human learning among young and mature citizens are developed. It is the sanctuary of information of yesterday, of today, and of tomorrow. It is a collection of books back in the old days. But as of now, it can be referred to as any collection of resources such as: maps, documents, DVDs, e-books, audio books, CDs, cassettes, videotapes, and many others. It provides services to the community. The library started around 1900 BC wherein they are written in clay tablets in cuneiform script. The library was called as an archive during those days and then the system has started shifting. Before the computer age, the users can access the information by using card catalogs. The appearance of the Internet has led to the adaptation of Online Public Access Catalogs (OPACs) which allows the users to search the library’s assets using Internet access from any location. Most libraries have a system already that makes possible the tracking of book and which have been checked out and returned already. The advantage of using automated system is that it makes things easier, faster and more secured. It allows the library to be more flexible when it comes to any increases in demand. It is easier to use because unlike manual system where you have to use many things or materials to record, compute, collect, update or inform data - it makes the things...
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