Utilization of Reflective Practice among Healthcare Professionals

Topics: Health care, Medicine, 1916 Pages: 2 (354 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Reflective practice is frequently utilised throughout nursing care. It allows the healthcare professional to explore their past and present experiences, their concepts of current practice and enables the ability of identifying means to enhance ongoing development (Levett-Jones & Bourgeois 2007, p. 117). Mann, Gordon & Macleod (2007, p. 595) highlights that current healthcare professionals must function in complex clinical systems. In order to do so must activate their own awareness to certain needs or interruptions which occur on the provision of nursing care. In purpose of this response I have elected the Gibbs (1988) reflective cycle which incorporates description, feelings, evaluation, analysis , conclusion and action plans to structure my reflection and deconstruct my chosen issue (Bulman 2008, p. 226). Due to the poor instruction given for this discussion l have chosen to structure my reflection to critically explore the significance of establishing a therapeutic relationship in nursing care to holistically improve best practice and patient health outcomes and the consequences amd damaged caused by choosing to ignore the importance of this relationship (Bulman 2008, p. 226; Schutz 2007, p. 27). The Gibbs (1988) model will be exercised to facilitate evaluation, analysis and will enable me to arrive at conclusions and recommendations after exploring academic literature relevant to my event (Bulman 2008, p. 226; Schutz 2007, p. 27).

Therapeutic relationships are imperative to clinical practice as they are emphasisied to be the 'most pertinent component in facilitating the successful resolution of a clients presenting problems' (Mann, Gordon & MacLeod 2009, p. 597). In doing so we explore the concept of caring utilising theoretical and experiential examples to illustrate ways in which healthcare systems can both drain and nurture the practitioners’ capacity to care, further enhancing best practice patient health outcomes (Ioannidou & Konstantikaki 2008 p....
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