“Utilization of Discarded Chicken Leg Bones Into Natural Glue”

Hydrochloric acid Adhesive Bone

Utilization of Discarded Chicken Leg Bones into Natural Glue - Chemistry Investigatory Project

 The investigatory project “Utilization of Discarded Chicken Leg bones into Natural Glue” came to fulfillment through the moral help, guidance and financial support of dear parents who are always there to guide the researchers. Thank you for the researchers’ chemistry teacher, Ms. Corazon Gracias who helped and encouraged the group to do this project and who gave the researchers some ideas on how they can do the project in a good and presentable manner. The researchers would also like to thank the Library staff who contributed to providing references needed in doing this project. The researchers are also grateful for the moral support and the inspiration their friends have given. Most of all, the researchers give their utmost appreciation and thanksgiving to the Great and Almighty God for the guidance as the researchers go on with the project, for the strength, for the love and especially for the knowledge and wisdom He has given. Without whom, this project would not be possible.

 With the increasing need of the use of adhesives in school activities and works and as the prices of commercial glue continues to rise, the researchers set out to look for the possibility of using other materials that can be made into glue. The researchers happen to cross with a printed material that states that bones may be used as adhesives. With this, they looked for other evidences in the internet that such glue can be made and they set to make their own bone glue. The researchers first considered what kind of materials they will be using. Being a common household and commercial waste, discarded chicken leg bones were chosen. They studied and determined the feasibility of utilizing the discarded chicken leg bones into glue. After undergoing some processes, bone glue was successfully made by the researchers. They tested it on different types of...
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