Utilization of Chicken Leg Bones in Natural Glue

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Chapter 1 : The Problem
Utilization of Chicken Leg Bones Into Natural Glue
With the increasing need of the use of adhesives in school activities and works and as the prices of commercial glue continues to rise, the researchers set out to look for the possibility of using the other materials that can be made into glue. The researchers happen to cross with a printed material that states that bones may be used as adhesives. With this, they looked for other evidences in the internet that such glue can be made and the set to make their own bown glue.

The researchers chose to make natural glue by utilizing chicken leg bones to find other ways in making glue by looking into the possibility of tapping cheaper sources. It is a fact to everyone that adhesives today are expensive . Glue is a type of liquid adhesive used by all people in different things and purposes. The researchers recognized the usefulness and essence of glue in a human’s life. With this project , the researchers can make use of the chicken bones in order to produce a cheaper kind of glue

The researcher also considered this project because it does not need much time and money. The procedures in this project can be done in just several hours. Money is not much use in this project because the main material to be used is a waste that is very common in every household in the Philippines.

Another reason why the researchers chose to do this project is because of the accessibility of the materials to be used. The students are planning to generate glue using natural resources that seems to be a waste for others. The basic ingredients in doing this project are water and chicken bones. Chicken bones are one of the most common discarded household wastes in our country. Most people seem to throw it after finishing eating. Since people do not eat bones, the students thought of what could be done with the said leftovers.

Lastly,the researchers picked to use bones of...
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