Utility: Military Ranks and Movie Crimson Tide

Topics: Military ranks, Nazism, Schutzstaffel Pages: 2 (910 words) Published: September 24, 2012
In the movie “Crimson Tide” the two main characters, the Executive Officer and the Captain, both possess ignorance on what should be the right thing to do for SS Alabama. The captain possesses invincible ignorance and the executive officer possesses vincible ignorance which afterwards shifted to invincible ignorance. The captain’s duty as the chief of SS Alabama is to carry out whatever mission given to him by the command post. He should carry out his mission at all cost even if he needs to make his subordinate undergo very strict measures. As the chief of SS Alabama, everyone depends on him that he shouldn’t perform mistakes in delivering protocols for if he committed a mistake he might risk the lives of the crew of the submarine. Because of this, the captain becomes ignorant of what is the proper thing to do. He has always remained true to his duty as the chief of the submarine which blinded him of the truth. His ignorance is invincible because his doings are based on his responsibility as the captain. He need to execute every protocol to him because it is his duty to do so, it will be hard for him to dispel this because there are lives that would be risked if he failed to accomplish his duty. He also need to response quickly on protocols for the sake of Alabama, he is not aware that he needed enlightenment. On the other hand Executive Officer possesses vincible ignorance. His duty was to repeat the duty of the captain in order to concur the protocols. At the movie he seemed to be having some doubts if he should concur some of the protocols and decision of the captain which shows that his forming some guilt on doing such. His ignorance was easy to dispel if he just don’t repeat the command and hold on to what he think is right since there are ways that can dispel it like following the military provisions. His efforts on dispelling it was not sufficient.The executive officer later on shifted his ignorance to invincible when an uncut EAM were sent to them. After...
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