Utilitarian & Kantian View on Same Sex Marraige

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  • Published : December 15, 2012
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Rolbin Flores
Assignment 4

Since 2001, same sex marriages have been big issues in the US and other countries like (Argentina, Canada, Iceland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Portugal, Mexico City, Spain, South Africa, and some regions within the United States). It is always a debate in the US based on the fact if we don’t allow same sex marriage, it affect our right constitutional demand of equality established by our founding fathers. Same sex couples been trying to get married for decades now. In 1971, two male students try to get married & got denied by the clerk. U.S. Constitution does not state that individuals must be in a heterosexual relationship in order to be legally married. The claim made it to the Supreme Court, where it was dismissed and no license was issued. There are different anti-gay rights organizations in existence that consistently fight for or against the homosexual lifestyle as a legal contract recognizable by the state and federal governments. Frank Turek is an anti-gay right from (American Family Association). Turek wrote in an article” Celebrating behavior that leads to disease and an early death is closer to hate than love. According to the latest data from the Center for Disease Control, homosexual men comprise more than 80 percent of sexually transmitted HIV cases despite comprising less than 2 percent of the population. The FDA says that men who have sex with men have an HIV infection rate 60 times higher than the general population. Why should we be encouraging behavior that results in such tragic outcomes?

John Stuart Mills defines utilitarianism as whatever action is right to promote happiness, In other ways go for what is the greater good. Mills define happiness as pleasure and the absence of pain. Mill believes that happiness is the sole basis of morality, and that people never desire anything but happiness. The basic principle of Mill's Utilitarianism is the greatest happiness principle; an action...
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