Utah Symphony and Opera Merger Task 1

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  • Published : February 18, 2012
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Utah Symphony And Opera Merger Task 1

Utah Opera and Symphony Merger

Utah Opera and Utah Symphony merger is an organizational plan to combine the two

art-based organizations with an aim of increasing their effectiveness and efficiency. It involves fundamental changes that are beneficial to the operations of both companies. This documental analysis will assist Ann Ewers, General Director of the Utah Opera; make an informed decision concerning the merger process. The analysis will comprise motivation theories as well as other pertinent information that are essential for use in the merger process. It will also comprise different types of power and how to effectively deal with them in decision making, potential harm as a result of the merger, and how to utilize available influence in order to build additional support.

A1. Bill Bailey

Mr. Bailey Bill can effectively use McClelland’s need theory to convince Utah Opera to support the merger. The general concern raised by the theory is the need for affiliation. The theory emphasizes the need to continue with social relationships. It also calls for the need of group belonging and need for love (Kreinter and Kinicki, 2010). The opera members will be at a position of building more associations with individuals who support the added advantage of different art forms through additional interactions available with the symphony members.

The merging of Utah Opera with Utah Symphony will ensure that the social circle will eventually grow to include all members supporting the symphonic arts. In this case, the social relationship need -- will therefore be met (Karras, 2006). The Utah Opera will belong to a larger organization, thus fulfilling the second need of the theory. Combining the budgets of both organizations will ensure that there is an expansion of interested contributors to see the performances. In fulfilling the third need, love, the opera members will certainly have the Utah Symphony members supporting their joint efforts to keep both groups financially stable. If Mr. Bailey addresses all the three needs in McClelland’s theory, the possibility of opera being supportive of the merger will increase. When each member’s commitments are directed towards supporting the merger, the other members will also change their opinions.

On the other hand, Bailey Bill, the chairman of Utah Opera, can use the theory of equity to oppose the merger process. Adam’s Equity Theory of Motivation asserts that high levels of motivation and positive outcomes can emanate from people perceiving their treatment as fair. When people feel that they have an upper hand over others in their environments, they are likely to be motivated. If they feel they are unfairly treated, they are likely to be disillusioned (Kreinter & Kinicki, 2010). People usually measure the sense of fairness through ideas explained by Equity Theory. Mr. Bailey perceives inequity emanating from the financial potential of Symphony over Utah Opera. The Symphony has a more inflexible schedule as compared to Utah Opera. Bailey other concern is that opera is likely to lose its identity.

A2. Scott Parker

Scott Parker is the chairman of the board of the Utah Symphony and his goal is to convince Mrs. Abravenal to support the merger. He can use the concept of Maslow’s Need for Esteem. Abraham Maslow elaborated two types of human esteem needs. They include the lower needs and the higher ones. The lower ones are the need for reputation, respect, appreciation, and dignity. For instance, the need for the Symphony to reach tier one status; and other related needs up to the need for dominance – the Symphony’s ability to achieve and maintain tier one status. Parker should explain that the current economic climate requires the merger of the two organizations and that the organization requires more efficient operation for current financial stability. Mrs. Abravenal concerns are that the merger will ultimately lower her husband’s...
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