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Using Word Processing Tools

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Using Word Processing Tools

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Working in Microsoft Word as often as I do I thought I had a pretty good idea of the capabilities. This reading just through the first few chapters has proven me wrong. I am looking forward to opening up to learning things I have clearly overlooked. I think people often get comfortable in what they know, as I have, and get used to doing things the way they have learned or been shown often disregarding the fact that there might be a better or faster way. Then there is habit once learning a new capability being able to apply it and become proficient in using it.

One of the capabilities I was surprised to learn and never knew was about the navigation controls. I honestly never knew you could use Ctrl+ and the arrows to maneuver around, one word to the left or right or up and down one paragraph. This will really help at work when going through customer documents. I think about how many times I have used the arrow keys to go up and down a page or moving around one letter at a time.

Inserting a cover page is something else I have learned in the reading. Almost embarrassing to admit I would just go to the beginning of my document and shift everything down with the Enter key. This will be a very effective tool for me to use in the professional capacity as well as personal in the future.

One other thing I learned and found to be helpful in the reading was creating headers with the text and the page number. I never knew about the Link to Previous button. Now I need to practice this as this is a huge frustration for me. I can never seem to get the header text in along with the page number, when doing this I find the page numbers staying the same.

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