Using the Sources and Your Own Knowledge, Explain Why Mussolini Was Able to Come to Power in 1922

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  • Published : January 13, 2012
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1b. Using the sources and your own knowledge, explain why Mussolini was able to come to power in 1922. Before 1922, just after the First World War in 1919 Italy and the people in Italy were frustrated, they didn’t get out of the war what they were promised and they weren’t happy with the treaty of Versailles. The war also had a negative effect on the economy and the politics. So the people in Italy weren’t satisfied. And the Mussolini came along and he aimed to rescue Italy from its government and that he would solve all the problems and would restores Italy ones so big empire like in the times of Caesar. With his actions he used violence, intimidation and manipulation, this is described in source A as well. Mussolini created an image of himself as the solver of all the problems and as a good man, in order to increase his popularity he reached out to the church because most people in Italy were religious; with all his popularity the king makes him prime minister. Another reason why Mussolini got so much popularity is that the people of Italy were scared for the coming treat of communism, source B talks about the middle class being afraid for losing all the possessions. And because Mussolini’s image he appeared thebe the best option to go against communism because he was a fascist and also against communism. Mussolini was also the only option because there was no good competition and if there was he would let them be killed under fascism regime. His huge popularity made him come to power in 1922.

2. “It was the fear of communism that was mainly responsible for Mussolini coming to power in Italy in 1922.” Explain whether you agree or disagree with this view. I agree with this view to a big extend, but I think the fear of communism was the only thing that caused Mussolini coming to power. But indeed the huge fear of communism especially in the middle class (source B). People were afraid of losing everything they had worked so hard for and that all of...
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