Using the Internet Time Management Software

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The CyberKlock server console is an easy to use interface that is very intuitive.

The server console consists of only 4 tab sections namely: CLIENT ACTIVITIES, TICKETS, CLIENT OPTIONS AND ADMIN OPTIONS.


This section allows you to basically view all the activities taking place on the client systems. Client computers visible in this section can have the following status:

ON STANDBY: This status means that the client computer is not currently in use.

IN USE: This status means that a customer is currently using the client computer and the computer was accessed using a Ticket.

SOLOTIME: This status means that the client computer is currently being used by a customer but the computer was accessed WITHOUT a TICKET, i.e. accessed by a staff using the solotime password.

CLIENT PAUSED: This status means that the client is paused either by the user or by the server console operator.


You can perform certain actions on the clients from the server console. These actions are briefly explained below: PAUSE: This action allows you to pause the client’s time and block the screen.

UNPAUSE: This action allows you to unpause a paused client.

LOGOUT CLIENT (S): This action allows you to “log out” the user on the machine.

SHUTDOWN CLIENT (S): This action allows you to turn off or shut down the computer.

REBOOT CLIENT (S): This action allows you to reboot the computer i.e. the computer will turn off and restart.

SEND MESSAGE TO CLIENT: This action allows you to send text messages to the clients.


Here in the ticket tab you can design your tickets, create tickets, and maintain your current/active tickets and also view backup and reports.

You click on the design tickets TAB, and you fill in your company name, company address and advertisement and then click on the save design button (green button).

You now click on preview ticket, and a preview of how your tickets will look will be shown to you:

Click on the create tickets tab,


Click the random tickets radio button, type the number of tickets you want to create (you can get 20 tickets on 1 A4 sheet of paper), and type the number of minutes you want on the tickets (10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30…). Go ahead and click on the green button “generate tickets>>”

The tickets will then appear in the ticket list:

You then click on the yellow button that says “View\Print Created Ticket(s)”, the tickets will then be shown in a browser window.

You then print the tickets, after you have printed the tickets close the page by using the x button at the top corner of the screen, the software will the prompt you to please save the tickets to the database after you have confirmed that they were printed. Click ok.

And then save the ticket by clicking on the red button that says “save ticket(s)”

You will be asked if you want to save the tickets into the tickets file, click YES!

As your tickets are saving you will see the progress bar increasing. When it reaches 100%,

you have just created your first batch of random tickets.
You can now go to any of the client machines connected to the server and test your password.


To create a customized ticket, click on customized tickets. Enter the password you wish to use for the customized ticket, enter the number of minutes you want to have in the customized ticket and click the green button labeled “add ticket

When you have added the ticket to the ticket list, you then go ahead and click on the check box labeled “I do not want to print tickets, I only want to save the tickets"

The reason why you should not print customized tickets is, they are for regular customers or member of staff who will always remember their password because they use it regularly. You then click on the “Save Ticket’s” button.

You have just created your first customized ticket.
You can now go to any of the client machines...
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