Using the Examples Drawn from This Chapter, Discuss the Differences Between Colonizing “Frontiers of Inclusion” and “Exclusion”

Topics: French language, Colonialism, Native Americans in the United States Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: September 13, 2009
Colonizing is to establish or secure permanently a residence or it is, to become fixed, resolved, or established residence or colony. frontiers of inclusion is a border between two countries/a region that forms the margin of settled or developed territory that decide to include another group, religion, country and or settlers into their culture or environment. Exclusion is to prevent or restrict the entrance or/to expel or bar especially from a place or position previously occupied. An inclusive policy of colonization would mean making colonized subjects an integral part of your new system and an exclusive policy would be pushing the vanquished out of the new system. Exclusion is to expel and keep out, thrust out, or to eject. The ways in which countries went about colonizing the New World mainly fell into two categories which can be characterized as "frontiers of inclusion" and "frontiers of exclusion". By a "frontier of exclusion", what is meant, is settling in such a way as to keep the peoples coming into contact separate so that very little intermixing or meshing of cultures took place. A "frontier of inclusion" can be defined as a great deal of intermixing and dealings between the races. In order to explain and demonstrate the differences between these two frontiers, France and Spain will be used as examples of "inclusion" while England is used as an example of "exclusion". Land to the English was a commodity to be bought and sold, to be fenced in, to be owned. They viewed the Indians, who looked at the land as part of nature to be used only to sustain oneself, as a group of people who were not getting all the benefit they could out of the land. In fact, many of the English believed that because the Indians did not use the land properly, it was "free for English taking." This is one characteristic of creating a "frontier of exclusion", the English had no intention of sharing the land as the Indian's philosophy put forth, they were intent on owning the land...
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