Using the Body Language in Communication and Media

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Broadcasting Pages: 2 (436 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Using the Body Language in Communication and Media
Body Language is a part of the non-verbal communication and it has an important role the communication. It’s important to communicate between of the presenters and audince. A human, a group, or people who is using the body language. They will be effective and impressive because during a communication we tend just to listen to the words of people, but only a small part of the communication goes through words. Sometimes, bigger and more significant part of the communication is revealed by body language. Body language has an important role to communicate for the presenters, newsreaders, speakers and television reporters. At the present, publishing, broadcasting and television shows are important for the media. Media spreads an idea, ideology, events and news. In media, television broadcasting is more effective, impressive and faster than others. All ideas, events and news can spread easily through television. Firstly, The presenters have an important role in the background of the television broadcasting. Every action, gesture and step of the presenter have a different expression and meaning. In general, There are three ways the newscast can be set up. The first on is the newsreader sitting behind a table on a chair, as it is usual for CNN or Al-Jazeera. The second way is the newsreader standing behind a table and with his hands quite firmly on the table, as used by the Tageschau in Germany. The third way is the newsreader just standing without any table in front of him, and having some papers in his hands, which lead him through the show. This way of presenting the news can be seen on BBC. Additionally, Audince watches news, television shows, interesting programmes. Presenters make it interesting. Presenters who drawing attention. They are watched by audince. Definitely, Their facial action, body movement, tone of voice are parts of the body language which are working with concordance. These are the parts of body...
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