Using Social Networks to Pre-Screen Potential Employees

Topics: Social network service, Employment, MySpace Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: December 8, 2011
Social networking has become a popular tool to reconnect with old classmates, keep in contact with family, and make new friends. It’s easily accessible and has taken priority over telephone calls and traditional mail. Many businesses now incorporate a Facebook page for marketing and building a base to recruit new customers. Employers are commonly using social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter to pre-screen potential employees and monitor their current employees. There is great debate arguing the approval of this practice. There are many benefits for employers to use these sites to research employees. Employers should be at free will to use social networking sites to research prospective employees. People that update their statuses, photos, location, birthdays, and job information are posting that information for the whole world to see. There can be vital information that a potential employee does not disclose to the employer that could be learned from their profile. Reading comments or status updates can tell a person a lot about someone’s personality, the way they present themselves, and the type of language they use. These things would be very important to know prior to hiring somebody. Another advantage of being able to look at your employee’s social network sites is to see if they are posting during working hours. Employers that may be concerned that their employees are wasting company time surfing the internet can look at Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter to see the times and how often posts are made. The proof that company time was being used for personal reasons would be right on the screen. These items can be printed and put in a personal file for proof if and when the need came to address the issue. There is a surprising amount of people who constantly let their friends know what they are doing. Statuses are updated when people are going out, cooking dinner, taking a shower, and whatever other unimportant details take...
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