Using Social Media Data for Marketing Research

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A Paper Presented to The Faculty of the Department of Business Administration
In Partial Fulfillment of Course Requirements
B7330- Consumer Branding
Fall II, 2011
For The
Doctor of Business Administration Degree, D.B.A.
David F. Black, B.A., M.B.A., C.D.P.
Dr. Tim Mantz
Argosy University/Seattle
December 13, 2011 (c)

Table of contents



Summary of Assignment4

Overview of Articles Summary and Conclusions5

Summary of Other Literature7

Literature Review Conclusions8

Supplementary Analysis of Colliander’s Article (Colliander)14

Brief Analysis and Discussion Talking Points for Colliander’s (Colliander) Paper14

Final Perspectives and Conclusions (Colliander)17 Overview18

Summary of Paper’s Conclusions18

Annotated Bibliography20



This final paper for Course B7330 discusses Social Media as a major source of Marketing Data for Research and Marketing Plan Design. It focuses on two major articles. Those two articles are: one, by Dichter (Dichter) and two, by Colliander as an introduction to the concept of Social Media for marketing data research. It concludes with a brief overview of a real Social Media Marketing Research Firm, Datasift. This researcher wants to contrast academic studies of social media for marketing purposes vis-à-vis a real world company that data mines this marketing resource.


This paper is submitted in fulfillment of the Final Assignment for the Market Research and Design Course, B7330, Fall II, 2011, Dr. Tim Mantz, AU-Seattle.

Summary of Assignment

This student is to write a final B7330 course paper that provides analysis and perspectives on Social Media and its efficacy for use in Marketing Research and Design. For Research and Design inputs to Marketing Plan Development, the following summarizes the purposes of this assignment: 1. To Provide Definitions of Internet Social-Media Marketing, Blogs and Social Networks 2. Emphasize the economic importance of Internet Social Media Advertising to build product branding. 3. Compares Internet Social Media Blogs versus Traditional Media online magazines to measure effectiveness of advertising/branding message. 4. Analyzes a sample of current literature and hypotheses concerning effects of social media. 5. Provides a Brief Summary of Real World application of The Theory as utilized on for Marketing R&D. 6. To provide a brief literature review of social media academic research ranging from the late sixties (Dichter) to the modern era of today (Kaufman). 7. To summarize the major findings and results of this paper showing that online Internet Social Media advertising in popular blogs is more effective than magazines. This researcher has reviewed the literature on Social Media for Marketing R & D and has concluded that this source of marketing data is the wave of the future. Precourt (Precourt) predicts that by 2020, social media and other internet sources will be the predominant method to acquire and research consumer marketing data and preferences.

Overview of Articles Summary and Conclusions

The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the literature on social media as a source of information for Marketing R &D. It also attempts to review two significant articles from Dichter (Dichter), considered to be the Godfather of Modern Social Media for Marketing. Secondly, it reviews a significant article from Colliander (Colliander) as contrast to the findings of Professor Dichter (Dichter). Finally, a brief sampling of available academic literature is conducted by this researcher to determine how this media marketing method fits in to my...
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