Using Regression Analysis to Continuously Monitor Exceptions

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  • Published : June 6, 2010
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1.6 Methodology:

1.6.1 Sources of data
Only secondary sources of data have been collected and used to determine the study. Data sources are previous ten-year’s annual report of the companies that we selected, Company information from Dhaka stocks exchange servers, and others official documents. 1.6.2Sampling Technique Used Population: The population parameters involved in the study is the all textile and knitwear based companies in Bangladesh those are registered as the company act 1991,BD Sampling Design and Sample Size: The credit cardholders both in PBL and BRAC Bank Ltd. are addressed for the interview. Because the population size of credit cardholders is large, it is difficult to determine a representative sample size. So, a judgment sampling method is used for the cardholders because here the researcher’s judgment is used for selecting items which she considers as representative of the population. The total sample size of credit cardholders that has interviewed is 50 (25 of PBL, 25 of BBL). The Cardholders are selected on a convenient basis for the face-to-face personal interview as well as the telephone interview.

1.6.3Data Administering Method
Data was collected using convenient sampling technique. A structured self administered questionnaire for PBL credit cardholders and BBL credit cardholders were prepared. The cardholders and the most knowledgeable persons of the card division of the issuers were personally interviewed. Due to some inconvenience and also to avoid wastage of time, some respondents were also interviewed over the telephone by making them understand the technical terms.

1.6.4 Techniques of Data Analysis
Both qualitative and quantitative statistical techniques were used for this research. Graphical presentation tools like pie charts and bar graphs were used to present the collected data. For quantitative analysis, Mean score of relative importance (MSRI) was used to assess importance of factors by...
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