Using Reflective Practice Into Courses

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Using reflective practice into courses

The definition of “reflective practice”:

“Reflective practice” is defined as framing and revising questions to get a deep insight of an issue and have better understanding of it.

Using reflective practice into courses:

To reach the aim of the course, some methods related to reflective practice which the article talks about can be used when we are doing group works for an essay or analyzing a business case individually. Firstly, according to the cases which has been presented in this article, if you are required to solve a business problem or analyze a business circumstance, and present it in the form of an essay, you need to prepare it as early as possible. During the time of early preparation, you need to do primary researches and collect data. After that, it is important to analyze the advantages and limitations of the cases, and do some comparison among the cases as well. Secondly, this article talks about that students need to gain the support of their supervisors by the way of doing some early discussions with the supervisor to get revised framework. According to this , it is a good choice for us to discuss our topic with the teacher and gain some useful suggestions before we start the essay. Thirdly, as it is mentioned in the article, when writing an essay or resolving a business issue in practice, it’s better to work with other students together as a team. Compared with dealing the issue individually, working in a group can help to create more sharing points and new methods.


To sum up, according to reflective practice, before starting an essay or doing research for a case, it is important to do early preparation to collect data and relative information. Besides that, it will bring you fresh ideas and useful suggestions if you discuss the issue with the teacher as well as with other students.


Martin R2010,‘embedding reflective practice...
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