Using Named Examples, Describe How Physical and Economic Factors Have Lead to Crowded Coasts?

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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Using named examples, describe how physical and economic factors have lead to crowded coasts? The area around the coast may have a better climate than inland for jobs. For example, in Australia, rainfall is much greater nearer the coast and so most of the farmland is within 300-400km of the coastline. The ability to earn a living through farming means more people would move to the coast as it will create a higher crop yield and ultimately and greater profit. Recent droughts in inland Australia makes the coast the best place to farm. The coast may also have valuable resources that would bring people because of job opportunities or goods. The sea can give food from the fish and promote fishermen, the sand could be used to create glass and there might be some valuable resources such as coal, oil or natural gas which could attract people as there would need to be multiple workers. So, the more resources are found on the coast, the more jobs are needed to fill them and so people who may be in unemployment inland will see this and move to the coast. The climate on the coast also lead to crowded coasts as the climate is usually ‘better’ than inland or in other areas. An example is Costa Rica in Spain where people move due to the Mediterranean and which is also a factor in why many ex-pats live in the South of Spain to get away from the British weather. The climate might be cooler and so more comfortable living and working conditions such as Australia or the moderate temperatures all year around (Dorset is the 2nd sunniest and have very few days of snow and frost). The environment would also appeal to people who have been living in densely populated cities as there is a high density of ecosystems and so this would appeal to not just the people living there but provides income through tourism and so more people would go to the coast for jobs. Jobs could include working at hotels on the coast or through giving diving tours of coral reefs. Eventually, more people would move...
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