Using Multi-Channel Marketing to Increase Guest Satisfaction and Awareness with the Pfresh Brand

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[Using multi-channel marketing to increase guest satisfaction and awareness with the pfresh brand]| [Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document. Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document.]|

1.0 Executive Summary
Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN target is a large, multi-national retailer, one which continues to gain ground on competitors in the industry. As a team-centric organization, Target prides itself on the inclusion of all team members, as well as diversity and community engagement. Target believes, “Our team is our greatest asset… And we’re committed to building a team that does the right thing for our communities, our shareholders and, above all, our guests.” [Target Corporate Site, 2013] Target offers penny-wise on trendy merchandise to a hip and educated customer. The “Guest” is an educated female with an average income of $60,000. Target wants to continue with the idea of “Expect more. Pay less.” Target also wants to grow and created a more in depth relationship with its guests as improving guest satisfaction is always an important objective of Target. 2.0 Situation Analysis

Target has recently introduced a new store prototype to several of the brick-and-mortar target locations called Pfresh. Pfresh is going to change the way that the Target guest shops for groceries. “Target will need to have the items that our guest needs to complete her grocery shopping list, making Target a viable option for her “fill-in” grocery trip. Target will offer a selection based on category breadth and will offer high-frequency perishable items; comprehensive dry, dairy and frozen food assortments; and expanded convenience foods in snacks and beverages.” [Target Memo, 2010] We want to take advantage of connecting with our guests and make Target a one stop shop for all her needs. We can utilize the multi-channel marketing tools at our disposal to increase her satisfaction and help make her shopping experience simpler. We have a proposal that could increase guest relations with Target, create a niche community online and spread the message of the Pfresh grocery with unprecedented results. What we propose is to implement a system both online and on the app that will allow not only Target, but the community at large to submit recipes as well as the lists of ingredients for those recipes. Those ingredients will be compiled as our online guests pick recipes for the next weeks’ meals. After the ingredients are compiled, guests will be given a shopping list of all the things they need to pick up on their next trip to Target – in the most simple and cost saving manner possible. Rather than a guest pick up two packages of something because she sees that it is required for two items, Target will alert her if a bigger (and cost saving) package exists. We feel that not only will this create a niche online community by ‘foodies’ submitting and sharing recipes, but it will also help to generate guest loyalty. This also serves to give Target the multi-channel presence it requires for the Pfresh grocery. Finally, this recipe and shopping list system will save our guests money in the Pfresh grocery, savings that could then translate to more sales in other areas of the store.

2.1 Proposal and Market Summary
We are propsing that Target implements a brand new system to help spread awareness and interaction with the Pfresh Grocery. This proposal aims at captivating the guests that are tech-savvy, ‘foodies’, or looking to save some time on the traditional hassle of grocery shopping. We want mom to make a process that normally would have taken a few hours to take a fraction of the time to give her a chance to spend some time with the kids, focus on her career, or work on that start-up she has been working on for some time. This...
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