Using Material from Item B, Examine Sociological Explanation of Gender Differences in Education (20 Marks).

Topics: Sociology, Gender role, Woman Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Using material from item B, Examine sociological explanation of gender differences in education (20 marks). There are many sociological explanations for why one gender does better than the other. For this essay, I will be talking about the internal and external factors as it is asking about the gender differences effecting education not in education. Firstly, the change of attitudes towards women have changed since the 70’s. Before the 70’s it was the norm for women to be predominantly ‘homemakers’, having to take care fo the home and providing emotional support for the family. However, now it is more common for a women to have a paid job, although it is key to note that the woman is still the one deemed to be the carers, so it is a ‘dual burden’- having a paid job and ‘homemaker’ role, unpaid. Angela McRobbie ( 1994) did a study using documents, such as images, from magazines, which showed women to be commonly in magazines now than before. However, those images generally doesn’t tend to show strong, independent, self-supporting women, but instead it shows women showing skin and open. Still, it is key to note that attitudes to women have changed because it would have been preposterous to see a woman in a national magazine before the 70’s. Secondly early socialization is another key sociological explanation of gender differences in education. Girls from an early age tend to start reading and having stimulating and thought revoking toys and other toys which provide care being taken off. Whereas boys tend to not be reading and playing computer games and having a more ‘hands-on’’ games. This early socialization for boys, means that they are likely to have a practical and physical job, this was the norm before the 70’s where men had physical jobs. However, physical jobs such as mining as decreasing but early socialization for boys is still the same, which suggests that boys are finding it hard to cope at school and later life because they don’t read at early age,...
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