Using Ict for Distance Learning

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GOOD ICT SKILLS ARE FUNDAMENTAL TO THE FACILITATION OF A POSITIVE DISTANCE LEARNING EXPERIENCE. PRODUCE A REPORT WHERE YOU; 1. EVALUATE HOW YOU AS A STUDENT AND INDIVIDUAL CAN MAINTAIN EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR TUTOR DURING YOUR STUDIES As a student I can maintain effective communication with my tutor by using my ICT skills which allow me to access online distance study. I can access the internet, log into the College ‘On Campus’ home page, navigate through the link on the web site and read how to submit a question and to access my tutor’s response. I will be maintaining effective communication with my tutor by writing my reports and other assignments, by giving evidence through my self-assessment activities, reflective writing, the web searches I have conducted and web links I use, and my independent research. I will use language which is clear and concise and identifies that I have answered the questions and addressed the learning outcomes. This will ensure that I can put across what skills I have and am learning, what knowledge I have gained and where I have gained it, and the level of understanding I have attained. As an individual I can maintain effective communication with my tutor by expressing myself through writing. Face to face communication with my tutor and online support is not available and so I am unable to use speech, tone, inflection, eye contact, body language or gestures to express myself. I intend to use ICT methods and pathways in a proficient manner, and to identify my progress and express my thoughts and aims through clear writing. I will also maintain personal communication with my tutor by identifying my personal strengths and opportunities outlined in my SWOT analysis, and by noting the challenges which face me through weaknesses and threats. 2. EVALUATE HOW TECHNOLOGICAL TOOLS WILL HELP YOU STUDY AND ENRICH THIS EXPERIENCE Technological tools will help me study and enrich this experience initially by opening up the world of information and communication through the internet. They enable me to access College online distance study network to work on Level 5 BTEC HND Therapeutic Person-centred Counselling course. These tools mean I can communicate with my tutor for guidance and clarification and feedback. Technological tools allow me to plan study time through using an electronic study calendar. I can access information on web sites for research purposes, and this provides me with up to date information and contacts. Technological tools will enable me to communicate effectively and enhance my learning as I progress through this online distance study of Therapeutic Person-centred Counselling. Good information, communication and technology (ICT) skills are basic and essential skills for learning. My continued use and development of ICT skills successfully on a regular basis will enhance and develop my learning process. This will encourage me to maximise study progression. In practical terms, these technological tools are represented by; computer at home (PC and laptop) and work; internet connection at home and work to access College web site; email to contact tutor and other students, and transfer work between work and home; Online Campus chat room for support and forum for information sharing and support; ePortfolio as a system of collating information. The ePortfolio is for the storage of files including coursework, self-assessment activities, independent research notes and reflective journals. Feedback from my tutor also provides a constructive dialogue which improves and enhances my work. Technological tools provide an online classroom environment with tutor and other students and the college. These tools enable me to express core skills of counselling (empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard) through my written word. They also enrich and encourage me through contact with others to maintain my motivation and...
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