Using Hypnosis to Improve Your Golf Game

Topics: Unconscious mind, Philosophy of mind, Consciousness Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Using Hypnosis to Improve your Golf Game

Maribeth Theisen, MSW, LCSW, CHt, uses hypnotherapy to address all life’s issues. Why? Because, while the conscious mind sets goals and intentions (“I’ll practice four times a week” or “I won’t focus on other things when I’m golfing”), the subconscious mind is the one that acts. Often these two are at odds…the conscious may be saying “I can easily make this shot” and the subconscious may do ”I’m not good enough.” Guess which one wins?

The subconscious holds all memories and emotions from one’s entire life. And most of those events are stored as beliefs. If your belief is, “I’m not good enough,” then nothing will ever be good enough…you won’t make enough money, you won’t have handled that meeting very well, and you won’t get the ball to the pin in 3 strokes. Or, you may not even be able to enjoy your time on the fairway, or may not be able to play without constant distractions.

Here’s an example: I’m 7 years old, and bring home an ‘Unsatisfactory’ on the report card. The teacher tells me I can do better, and then I decide I’m not good enough. That belief becomes like an exposed nerve: from then on, every time I’m less than perfect, I beat myself up for not being good enough, and I become self-conscious and anxious. Each event reinforces the belief and makes it even stronger.

With hypnotherapy, the belief can be addressed in two ways: First, suggestion therapy, on a tape or CD, can send in more positives. This requires frequent repetition, because the belief has been reinforced thousands of times. Second, other techniques are used to actually uncover the belief, bring it to consciousness, and change the decision made at the time. In the example given, we go into the subconscious, go back to age 7, and make a new decision…perhaps, “I am good enough, and I will easily do better next time.” Other techniques are used to erase related events throughout life, and to program a more positive future. Once your mind is...
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