Using Extended Hypnotic Language Patterns

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Using Extended Hypnotic Language Patterns
“Yes, price is an important thing to focus on and in your position I would be focusing on it too and I have a question for you. As you are focusing on the price of something, getting a feeling about price and listening to your inner advisor, what really is the most important thing about the price you pay? Is it the value you get for your money? Feeling like you were working with a true professional that held your interest as important? Not feeling that you were being ‘taken’ or forced into something? Feeling like you were actually and really a part of the decision-making process? Feeling like you really do have choices? Well, I do to. And that is what I demand every time I go to spend my hard-earned money! So, let’s talk about what you really need and really want and build your car around that. What do you say?”

Pattern Interupts
Assuming that the product has a massive benefit for the customer in my over simplified world there is only one reason why the customer is saying that they are not interested. This will be because they have not engaged in what the sales person is saying. This will happen because the prospect is running a different train of thought. In even more simple terms they are thinking about something else, they might already have preconceptions about the product, if this is a phone call they may have been engaged in something else or waiting for a different call or other things might have a higher priority. Your objective at this point is to redirect the prospect’s thoughts from what they were thinking about to focusing on the thing you are offering. In short you will interrupt the prospect’s current pattern and redirect them to another path. Here are a few ways of doing this. Core Concepts

Before getting into the guts of the examples there are a couple of things that are worth considering. Firstly all these examples need a level of rapport, some more than others. Rapport is outside the scope of this...
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