Using Examples, (Hypothetical or Otherwise) Illustrate the Importance of Employee Motivation and Appraisal as Part of the Planning for a Major Company Involving and Implementing Change in Their Workforce, with Reference

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Management Pages: 5 (1814 words) Published: December 8, 2011
“Using examples, (hypothetical or otherwise) illustrate the importance of employee motivation and appraisal as part of the planning for a major company involving and implementing change in their workforce, with reference to the classical and scientific schools of management.”

Why and how motivation help the company to increase the performance of the employees

The motivation help the company very much in achieving its goals. Motivation is a key to build an environment in a company, where its employees like to work. Employees can be motivated by different techniques. You can use different techniques to motivate employees. The most significant impact of motivation is increased productivity. If you can increase the motivation of the employees the productivity will increase and at the end the company will have some profits. Different people have different desires. In this assignment we will discuss what are the ways to motivate employees and hence increase the productivity. Usually human resource department in a company does that work. In human resource management you can study the employee’s motivation. In an organisation motivation is usually done by giving incentives to employees. Usually incentives are in form of cash rewards, gift certificates, travel vouchers, dinner vouchers, paid holidays. Different people are motivated by different things; some like travel holidays and some like cash rewards or promotions. Employees incentive programs enhance employee performance, promotes work place harmony and motivate employees to do their work better. For a business to be successful, it has to not only offer products and/or services that meet customers' needs and wants, but also have staff who are loyal and committed. However, to gain your employees' loyalty and commitment you need to do more than just pay them well. In a competitive job market, you also need to consider people's social and psychological needs - and this means leading and motivating your workforce.

Apex is a company that deals in the software. It has international exposure and provides career growth opportunities to its employees. It sends its employees to developed countries for workshops and practical assistance. The firm has 200employees working under the lower management. The company is run by the most expert professionals who have vast experience in their respective work. Change and response to change:

Despite having one of the most develop system a company has a problem of employee de motivation which if not dealt in right manner will create a negative impact on the progress of the company. This case study is a classic example to show the importance of the employee motivation in the planning process as here we can easily notice that a company is well established and has an immense potential to do wonder but being autocratic style of management has created a problem in the proper growth of the employees. Employees do not feel motivated and they are not interested in taking any initials because they know that they will not be appraised by the top management for any efforts they make. Once the inner enthusiasm ends, the automatic negative mechanism starts working on the mind map of the employees and they feel de-motivated. Significance Employee Motivation

It is of great importance for the organization to have employees who are satisfied with their work and their capabilities shine by the way they are being dealt by the organization. A motivated employee is always a beneficial asset for the organization. To manage these assets in a productive manner, organization should always consider its employees as their top priority. To make them feel that they are value by the organization, an organization should involve their employees in process by allowing them to participate in the organization. The participative management is a key to success in the continuously changing settings. The policies and plans are continuously circling with changes...
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