Using Examples, Explain How the Attitudes of the Media, Your Family and Peers Have Contibuted to Your Beliefs, Attitudes and Behaviour Towards Driving.

Topics: Automobile, Seat belt, Road accidents Pages: 2 (389 words) Published: April 30, 2012
There are many influencing factors that are able to shape our attitudes and beliefs towards driving. The media, family, and peers are all major contributing factors that have positioned me to believe that drink driving and speeding is wrong and that you must always wear a seatbelt when driving in a car.

The media, has proven to be one of the most prominent factors in the shapeing of attitudes and beliefs towards many things, including driving and our cautiousness on the roads. Campaigns are enforced to raise our awareness, they achieves this by showing examples of the effects of speeding, alcohol and fatigue on driving ability. The advertisment “Look At Me” was both confronting and informative as it shows exactly what could happened in a car crash and how easily it occurs. I found the graphics quite gruesome, however, it has effectively persuaded me to be more cautious about the speed at which I drive.

When I was younger my Mum would say “the car won't start until all the seatbelts are clicked in.” I grew up believing that wearing seatbelts was both the correct and right thing to do. My mum helped shape my attitudes and beliefs by reprimanding me if I didnt wear my seatbelt. I have never been in a moving car without my seatbelt on.

Being a “L” driver with all my friends either already driving or starting to drive, I am beginning to understand who is on the roads and what goes on in their cars. My bestfriend who has just recently got her P's was involved in a car accident where another car pulled out infront of her forcing her to slam on her breaks. Unfortunately the car hit her making her car roll over, if she hadn't been wearing a seatbelt one can presume she would probably be dead. With this event occuring so close to home, it supports my attitudes and beliefs towards driving even more and I respect my bestfriends decisions to wear a seatbelt.

With the combined influencing factors the media, my family and my peers, I have been positively...
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