Using Drama in Classroom

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Using Drama in Classroom

By | May 2011
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Process Drama
The following lesson plan is designed for Stage Three (Year Five) class. The class has been completing an English unit based upon The Indian In The Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks. The lesson is based on the final two chapters of this novel.


1. To develop students ability to justify their own interpretation of a character whilst acknowledging other points of view.

2. To develop students ability to work together as a group.

3. To enable students to recognise different points of view, both within the novel and within the class.

1. Setting the Scene: Story Board Game
Teacher issues each class member a piece of card with a moment of the story so far written upon it. Without talking to each other the class must stand in a circle so that the cards tell the story in the correct chronological order. After the circle is formed teacher leads discussion as to whether or not circle is in correct order.

2. Teacher –In- Role: ‘Omri’
Teacher goes into the role of Omri and performs a prepared monologue; refer to Appendix A, regarding whether or not he can keep Little Bull and Boone. Before commencing teacher assigns each of students into the role of either Patrick, Little Bull or Boone.

3. Working – In – Role : Considering Multiple Perspectives Teacher breaks class into six equal groups and tells them that they will be representing the different characters from the novel. Two groups will play each of the following characters- Little Bull, Patrick and Boone. In groups students discuss whether or not they want Omri to send them back or not and why. Teacher tells groups that there will be a meeting to decide whether or not they will be sent back and they will have to present their viewpoint at this meeting.

4. Working – In – Role : Presenting Multiple Perspectives At the meeting the teacher again takes the role of Omri. Teacher has students sit in a circle...

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