Using Crossword to Teach Vocabulary

Content-based instruction, Elementary school (United States), Vocabulary



Teaching vocabulary is something challenging, especially if it is done to elementary school students. It is chalenging because elementary school students usually do not like to learn something in a serious way. They are still children that like to play. A serious way in teaching will just make them bored. It is why teaching vocabulary to elementary school students requires creativity of the teacher. One of the alternatives that can be used to teach vocabulary to elementary school students is by using crossword puzzle. This essay will provide information on the implementation and the effectiveness of using crossword puzzle in teaching vocabulary to elementary school students. It will be started with the background why learning vocabulary through crossword puzzle is important. There will be three important reasons that are given to prove that teaching vocabulary by using crossword puzzle is very effective.

Vocabulary is an important aspect in the English learning process. It is the basic aspect in learning English because it will be needed by students when they learn English skills like reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students who learn English must have a strong foundation on vocabulary in order to make them able to learn English easily. Since vocabulary is the basic aspect to learn English, it should be learned since students are still in elementary school.

Teaching vocabulary to elementary school students is challenging. Elementary school students still like to play and do some fun activities. They can be bored easily when they are asked to study. Teaching vocabulary to them by using traditional way (using dictionary to find the meaning of words) can make them bored easily. Therefore, teacher is required to be creative and innovative in teaching so that students can be fun in learning vocabulary.

Teacher should be able...
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