Using Conflicts in Decision Making to Make Effective Decisions and a More Cohesive Group

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  • Published : August 7, 2011
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Using Conflicts in Decision Making to Make Effective Decisions and a More Cohesive Group
Conflicts arise between co-workers often and over many different matters. Mismanaged conflicts can damage relationships and stalemate group decisions. By learning conflict resolution skills, workers can seize opportunities for growth and open discussion. One can use conflicts that arise in group decision making to make more effective group decisions and a more cohesive group. Conflicts in Group Decision Making

Tubbs (2007, p. 309), defined conflict management as "The ability to manage conflict so that there is a healthy conflict of ideas without the unhealthy conflict of feelings." Conflict is often thought of as a completely negative event, when in fact it can have many positive effects. Without some form of conflict, problems would not ever be revealed or dealt with. Although there are many cost associated with conflict, there are also many benefits that are often overlooked. Personal Conflicts

Personal conflict arises out of a sense of being wronged. The perception of inequality, scarcity, and moral or cultural differences gives rise to a emotional grievance (Brahm, 2004, para. 1). Acting out these conflicts is a way of addressing concerns. "...conflict can give rise to new norms and rules to govern conduct which can have long-term benefits... conflict can lead to establishing new statutes meant to deal with the sources of conflict" (Brahm, 2004, para. 8). Idea Conflicts

Idea conflicts are a difference of opinion. People can have idea conflicts and have no personal conflict- as long as they respect other people's point of view. Idea conflicts are necessary to create idea diversity. A homogenous set of ideas will not be as creative, comprehensive, or open to new ideas. Ideas conflict can also easily escalate into personal conflicts when workers become more loyal to an idea than to the group synergy. Make Effective Group Decisions With Conflict...
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