Using Communicative Activities

Topics: English language, Communication, Language Pages: 23 (7955 words) Published: February 23, 2013
1.Rationale of the study
Over many historical stages, English has proven its prominent position among many hundreds of languages around the world. It is considered as an international language and the only language that truly links the whole world together and widely used in all parts of the world, in every aspect of human life and many other fields. Undoubtedly, the Internet, cable TV, magazines … almost everything we see every day now is in English. Thus, the best way to approach a new modern world with fewer obstacles is to learn English. English, for that reason, is being learnt in many schools in Vietnam as a compulsory subject. However, teaching and learning English in Vietnam still not reach the desired effects. This seems to be the main factor that affecting student ability in using English in communication. Communicative activities were introduced as the one which brings the language to life by providing a REAL BASIS for speaking, and the interactive EXCHANGE of ideas, opinions, and feelings with another person. It can be seen as an effective method in teaching and learning English. English language learners get beneficial effect from them. With communicative activities, learners are really involved in the process and provided chances to experience real communicative situations, so they become more active and enthusiastic. Being the place where FLD’s students exchange information and investigate experiences from each other, FLD’s English Club is organized to help students inspire the passion for language and improve using language skills including listening, reading, writing and especially proficient speaking. With the real state that not many people at English Club are active and having good speaking ability, it is very important to effectively use communicative activities in English club. Therefore, here, in our study, we try to collect, arrange and present a collection of the most effective and suitable communicative activities to encourage members of FLD’s English Club to speak English. That is the reason encouraging us to choose the research topic: “USING COMMUNICATIVE ACTIVITIES TO ENCOURAGE FLD'S ENGLISH CLUB MEMBERS AT HAI PHONG UNIVERSITY TO SPEAK ENGLISH.”

2.Aims of the study
As mentioned above, English has played a very important role in our life; however, generally, the ability of using English in communication of English language of almost learners has not achieved the proficiency. This research is designed to look for new strategies and technique to enhance the participation of FLD’s English Club members in speaking activities. In order to obtain this aim, some purposes are as follow: - To investigate the importance of using communicative activities. - To review the real situation of FLD’s English Club members ‘communication skill. - To search for some factors that affect members’ participation in oral activities at English club. - To suggest realistic and appropriate communicative activities to encourage participants to speak English and recommendation to have effective communicative activities.

3.Scope of the study
Communicative activities satisfy all learning skills: speaking, writing, listening and reading. However, in this study, we try to concentrate on the use of communicative activities to improve the speaking ability for all the members of FLD’s English Club. Thus, within the scope of the study we just pay attention to the following issues: - The effectiveness of using communicative activities to encourage members of FLD’s English club to speak English. - The current state of speaking competency of members in FLD’s English club. - How to design communicative activities that is most useful for FLD’s English Club members to help them improve their speaking skill. The study is conducted on 58 permanent member of FLD’s English Club, Haiphong University.

4.Methods of the study
In order to complete this study, we have written this on the basis of the...
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