Using Animals in Research: Pros and Cons

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  • Published : December 21, 2005
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Using Animals in Research :
Pros and Cons


Using Animals in Research:
A Review of Necessity

Over the last century, little has changed in the debate of using animals for research purposes.Some people believe that it is a cruel and inhumane practice. While others believe animal research is needed to advance, especially in the medical field. There is also a grey area of which most people, including researchers belong. The people in this grey area usually have contradictory ideas regarding animals in research. In helping to form our own opinion, we should address the following questions: 1. Is animal research necessary?

2. Are tests done on animals, such as drug interactions, proved to have the same effects on humans?
3. Are there any alternatives to using animals in research? In the past, animal research has played a major role in the advancement of medical treatment. The French chemist Louis Pastiur studied infectious diseases in animals and found that these diseases derived from external microorganisms. Pastiur proved through these experiments that a vaccine to prevent these diseases could be produced. It's breakthroughs like this that have people believing that animal research is necessary. I believe that this is not the case.

Despite years of animal research, diseases such as cancer has provided no cure.Many of our medical discoveries such ad antibiotics, CAT scans, aspirin, and anesthetics have been developed from nonanimal experiments. Nonanimal experiments include automated devices, computers, test tube...
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