Using an Automated Response System

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  • Published : September 14, 2012
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Using an Automated Response System
Kathy Gearhart
August 24, 2012
Robert McDonald

Using an Automated Response System
According to "Automated Systems" (n. d.), “An Automated Response System (ARS) is any system where an input is provided and a machine or computer carries out a process that produces an output” (Introduction). Basically this is a computerized assistant who directs the customer’s phone calls dependent on what their input to questions or menus is. The ARS is quite normal within the computer support system. There are many advantages and disadvantages with this type of operating system. There are six advantages which include speed, repetition, accuracy, safety, efficiency, and adaptability. On the other hand, disadvantages include having too many choices, impersonal, hard to decide on an operator, holding times, doesn’t have the precise preference which relates to your query, or even too puzzling for some clients. As a client, my communication with a company’s ARS will eventually conclude my choice to buy or stay with their merchandise and/or facility. For example, if I select the option “0” to reach a representative and go around the ARS and it says, “That is not a usable reaction” or the system hangs up on me, I would become exasperated and dismayed. Hence, the integrity and faithfulness I once had for the company would disappear and daunt me away from associating myself with their merchandise and facility, eventually because their care was not accessible when wanted. As a worker, ARS is a benefit in many ways since it is able to decrease the amount of entering phone calls, thus allowing clients that are feeling problems above your usual matter can be recognized in a faster manner. The much-needed time is assigned in order to suitably solve their general issue, as well as keep them content with their service. Support is improved by the ARS by streamlining the system on the front end so customers can be quickly routed corrected on the...
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