Using Accounting in Personal Life

Topics: Finance, Investment, Tax Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Principles of Accounting I
Individual Assignment
Week one
Katherine Collums

Experience using accounting in business or personal life
How it affected your responsibilities?
Experiencing accounting will affect my responsibility for my personal life is that it will help me keep track and balances of all my personal finances as well as my responsibilities for my job a lot better. It will also make things a lot easier to do on my job and give me more opportunities to move up the latter of success at my place of work and allow me to do more than I am doing now. It will give me the know how to do establish accounting policy, provide financial advice, work with preparing financial statements, for my job. It will also help me in my personal finances to prepare my income taxes, balance my banking and saving account as well. Will accounting and accounting information will be a part of your career in the future? Yes, accounting and all accounting information will be a part of my career in the future. It will be part of my job to be able to do payrolls, provide financial advice management, prepare and interpret financial statements. I can also prepare tax forms as well as do the tax planning. It will help me to be able to prepare any internal reports for the management if need. This will give me more opportunities to apply for within my job now or with any other incorporation or companies in the future as well.
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