Usful English Phrases

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When replying to a letter

• Thank you for your letter of [date] concerning [subject].

• In reply to your letter of [date] I wish to inform you that …

• Thank you very much for your letter in which you asked about …

When writing from your own initiative

• I am writing to inform you that …

• I am pleased to notify you that …

• I wish to inform you that …

• I would be grateful if you could send me some information about …

When giving good/bad information

• I am pleased to inform you that …

• It gives me great pleasure to inform you that …

• I regret to inform you that …

• It is with great regret that I have to write to you about …

When apologizing for a delay in answering a letter

• I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your letter of [date] but …

• Please accept my apologies for the delay in answering your letter …

• Please forgive the delay in replying but my only excuse is …

Concluding lines

• I am looking forward to hearing from you.

• I would appreciate a prompt reply.

• I will be grateful if you could reply as soon as possible.

Introducing your firm

• We are a major exporter/importer of [name of the product] and are interested in expanding our business in [country]

• As you may already be aware, [name of the company] is a trading company based in [place]. We specialize in [activity].

• For over ten years we have manufactured and exported [name of the product] to many countries. As we are expanding our business we are interested in establishing trade contracts with you.

• We are Polish producer of [name of the product] located close to [place].

Presenting goods/services

• the high quality of our goods is well known

• we feel that our products will find customers in your country

• if you are not satisfied with [the name of the product] you can return it undamaged in its original packing

Suggesting an action

• if you are interested, we would be pleased to discuss these matters personally

• should you require any further details, do not hesitate to contact us

• we would be glad if you could inform us wheter you are interested in our offer

Giving the source of information about the job

• I am writing in response to your advertisement for [job] which appeared in [name of the paper]

• I am interested in the post of [job] advertised recently in [name of the paper]

• With reference to your advertisement of [date] published in [name of the paper] I wish to apply for the job of [job]

Stating your qualifications

• I am enclosing my CV and would be happy to supply any further details you might require

• For the last three years I have been working for [name of the company] a firm with extensive business connections

• My academic qualifications meet your requirements but unfortunately I have no professional experience at all as I have just completed my studies at [name of school]

• I have completed a one-year course in office management including information processing

• My work at [name of the company] involved training of personnel

• In May I will graduate with a Bachelor of Science from [name of University]. My overall point average is 4.35. in my degree program I have studied [name of the subject]

Giving reasons for wanting the job

• I have always wanted to get job with a firm which [description]

• I would like to take a position which would give me more responsibility and allow me to show personal initiative

Additional information stressing the applicant’s strong points

• I am hardworking person and willing to work

• I am self-motivated and require little or no supervision

• I am willing to work to the best of my abilities to achieve my goal

Concluding line

• I hope I may be...
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