Uses of Writing

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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Zach Samach

Fundamentally writing, is the revelation of an individual’s cerebral function. Thus, thought and literary admission cannot be correctly observed without recognition of the direct occupation each have on one and other. Hence, an individual’s desire, perception, and outlook are the basic axioms to which the topic and dissertation of any composition is built. As a result, many times writing can be a scope to which people are able to see the true stature of their innermost conscience. This can be extremely important when people are at the mercy of the inconsistencies of everyday experience. Everyday people are forced to endure the socially induced vacuum that carries them through daily the circumstance of which can profoundly affect their values, perspectives, and inquiries. Character is constantly pushed in changing direction as a person’s condition at hand requires for the differentiation of their specific distinctions. This particular sense of reality holds fast to any application of an individual’s speculative choice. For this reason, being able to stand strong with the divisions of one’s charisma provokes a daring task, hence the use of writing. In the modern era, there is an inevitability for all people to face consistent problems that society intrudes into their daily lives. These include the financial, political, and ethical implications of which all combine to create a state of psychological presence that brings about, to certain degree, a false sense of reality. Basicallly, this means that many become consumed with the materialistic mechanism of the populace. This creates an inability for the common person to truly aspire to the orientations and desires of their accord whether that was their intention or not. Even social interaction is inadvertently skewed as the presence of social hierarchal, many times, mandates a false interface out of the respect and fear for superiors. Thus, once such circumstance comes to pass a person’s natural...
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